What will 5G do for Industry 4.0?

FitMech [EN]
2 min readMar 5, 2021

According to GSMA data, there are 107 commercial 5G networks in the world, which cover 7% of the world’s population. In turn, according to Ericsson’s analyzes, the development of 5G will be faster than during the introduction of LTE. By 2025, 88% of mobile subscriptions will be implemented in 5th generation technology.

5G enters the industry. It is to enable extremely fast data transfer and completely eliminate delays, the level of which, according to the assumptions, will be up to a few milliseconds. It will also be distinguished by greater capacity and throughput.

5G network and modern industry

Industry 4.0 requires constant network access. 5G will be of great importance, among others for the development of the Internet of Things, as well as the transformation of the medical and manufacturing sectors, enabling rapid exchange of information between plants, robot control and real-time data transmission. In this way, it will revolutionize all industries that require special precision as well as 24/7 data monitoring and availability. It is this last element that is currently indicated as the main advantage of 5G. Thanks to the availability of data, production plants and logistics will be much more efficient, flexible and independent.

According to experts, the implementation of 5G technology is a matter of time. There is practically no industry that will not benefit from the opportunities it offers, such as with acceleration of automation and robotization of processes and industrial lines, lowering costs and increasing profits. As a result, the 5G network will become an inseparable element of Industry 4.0.