What does Industry 4.0 look like in Poland?

FitMech [EN]
2 min readMar 2, 2021

The growing interest in the Industry 4.0 concept and the growing awareness of the benefits that can be achieved through it are the main conclusions of the survey conducted among representatives of Polish production plants. What does Industry 4.0 look like in our country today?

The report “Industry 4.0 in Poland” was prepared on the basis of data obtained from a survey conducted among the readers of the magazine Inżynieria i U Maintanie Ruchu.

According to it, more than half of the respondents confirm that their industrial plants have already adopted or are developing a strategy for implementing solutions related to Industry 4.0. At the same time, half of the respondents declared that such a strategy will be developed within 1–3 years, and that investment outlays for this purpose will increase or remain unchanged.

This trend is in line with the trends observed around the world, which is confirmed by a report published by MarketsandMarkets, an analytical company. According to it, it is estimated that the market for Industry 4.0 solutions, whose value in 2019 amounted to USD 71.7 billion, by 2024, will grow to USD 156.6 billion, with an average annual growth of 16.9%.

Which technologies will be the most popular? What barriers in implementing Industry 4.0 solutions are most often indicated by users and suppliers? How will investments for this purpose develop in the next 2–3 years?

Be sure to read the results of the report “Industry 4.0 in Poland”.