Gartner: The following year, “digital twins” in half of large industrial companies

According to the forecasts of the Gartner Institute, by 2021, half of large industrial enterprises will use solutions offered under the “digital twins” (source:

Digital twins are a virtual copy of a physical product, process, or system. They act as a link between the physical and digital world, using sensors to collect data in real time. The main advantage of implementing digital twins in industrial plants is generating high savings. According to Gartner’s forecasts, their use will increase the efficiency of machines by up to 10%.

At the same time, according to the report “Technological Trends 2020” prepared by Deloitte, in the years 2019–2025 the size of this market will increase from 3.8 to 35.8 billion dollars, and by 2022 the solution will be used by 70% of producers. The dynamic development of digital twins is possible, among others thanks to more data and easier access to computing power.

We encourage you to watch the 13th episode of Industry MeetCast devoted to digital twins, considered one of the most important technological trends of 2020 (in Polish, subtitles coming soon):




Data intelligence for Industry 4.0

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Data intelligence for Industry 4.0

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